Community Services

1. Feed the Hungry Program

Since February 1997, individual families associated with the Bharatiya Temple have been serving nutritional vegetarian meals once a month at a local soup kitchen for homeless people. Advent House Ministries, 743 North Martin Luther King Blvd., Lansing, is letting us use their facilities for cooking and serving. Every second Saturday of the month, we serve dinner to approximately 100 people (25 children). The cost to sponsor a meal is $ 150 to $ 200. This has been a family-sponsored activity and not an additional burden on Temple funds. This gratifying community service can continue only with your support. Please consider sponsoring a meal. To sponsor a meal or for more information on this activity, please call Ms. Susmita Patra, 517-381-9168, e-mail:

2. Donations to Greater Lansing Food Bank

Jointly with the India Cultural Society of Greater Lansing, the Temple has raised substantial sums of money each year over the past decade for the Greater Lansing Food Bank. The Temple has also organized several community blood drives over the years. In 2007, Mr. Jai Jaglan, a prominent volunteer and devotee of our temple, was nominated by the Greater Lansing Food Bank for the 2007 Governor's Service Award in the Senior Volunteer Award of Excellence category; selected as a finalist in May 2007; and presented with the award in June 2007. These awards recognize and celebrate the extraordinary efforts of Michigan's volunteers. The Temple is proud to have such a volunteer among our devotees.

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