Maha Kumbhabhishekam

June 9-13, 2010


Bharatiya Temple of Lansing
955 Haslett Road
Haslett, MI 48840








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The consecration ceremony for our Temple’s deities (Maha Prana Pratishtha) was done 12 years ago, on June 10-14, 1998. A year later, on June 26-27, 1999, we celebrated Shikhara Kumbhabhishekam, the ceremony of worshipfully showering the Kalasha (sacred pot) atop the shikhara (tower) over the main sanctum with holy water from Kumbhas (pots). Shikara Kumbhabhishekam is next in importance only to the Maha Prana Pratishtha ceremony. Once Kumbhabhishekam has been performed, darshan (viewing) of the Shikhara Kalasha atop the tower gives the same benefit and energy as doing darshan of the Deity inside the Temple. Kumbhabhishekam of Shikhara Kalasha is usually (though not always) performed as part of the Maha Prana Pratishtha ceremony; but in our Temple, it could not be performed in 1998 as the shikharas were not ready.


While Maha Prana Pratishtha is a once-in-a-lifetime event for any temple, the shastras ordain performance of Kumbhabhishekam every twelve years. Sometimes, major repair works have to be carried out to the temple at this time. This ritual is required to be performed to all the deities in a temple complex. Through the medium of an elaborate chain of Yaagas and Yagnas (fire sacrifices), the full potency of infused powers is restored to the deities at the appropriate muhoortam (time) on an auspicious day, and the kalashas at the temple shikaras are also re-consecrated.


Since it is twelve years since we did our Temple’s Prana Pratistha, it is time for us do Maha Kumbhabhishekam. We plan to celebrate this occasion as a five-day event from Wednesday June 9 to Sunday June 13, 2010. Please mark the dates on your calendars. The invitation letter from the Maha Kumbhabhishekam Executive Committee gives several details of the 5-day event. The posted program, while nearly final, will be updated as needed. The Logistics document gives useful information on the logistics of the Kumbhabhishekam. The Sangeetanjali flier gives details of the program of devotional songs arranged for June 12th evening The registration package list gives you several options to support the Kumbhabhishekam Mahotsav. Your advance purchase of the package(s) that are of interest to you will help us organize the Mahotsav better.


In conclusion, we appreciate all the volunteers that make our Temple function so well and we request your enthusiastic support of the Kumbhabhishekam Mahotsav. We hope all of you can come together to celebrate this great event.




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