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What type of payments made to the Temple are tax deductible?

Temple is a tax-exempt organization under Sec. 501 of Internal Revenue Code. We must use this status very wisely and follow all regulations. IRS regulations state that any donations made to the Temple in cash or kind to the extent that the donor does not receive any value of goods or services back from the Temple are tax deductible.

The following payments help the Temple activities but do not qualify for tax deductions as a contribution under the current IRS regulations: (These are a few examples)

  • Purchase of tickets for Temple-sponsored cultural events. (However, if you sponsor the program to defray the cost, it will be a tax-deductible item.)
  • Cost of ad placed in Temple brochure
  • Purchase or rental of library books or videos
  • Any amount paid towards services such as Priest services for puja in your home, Sunday school/BalVihar, Temple rental etc.
  • In the event that a fund raising dinner or program is arranged, the Temple will provide you with the portion of the total price which will be eligible for tax deduction.

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