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Shri Rama Parivar

This group consists of Shri Rama in the center, flanked by brother Lakshmana to his right and wife Sita to his left. Ardent devotee Shri Hanuman is bowing in front. Shri Rama is an avatara (incarnation) of Shri Maha Vishnu and Sita is an avatara of Lakshmi (the consort of Shri Maha Vishnu). Shri Rama and His three brothers, descendants of the Solar Race, are the sons of King Dasaratha. Of these, Lakshmana is particularly known for his total dedication to Shri Rama. Hanuman is known for his valor and for his total devotion to Shri Rama. Ramayana, the story of Shri Rama, was written by sage Valmiki.

The murtis were donated by Sudhakar and Usha Kulkarni and Chandrakant and Anand Mokashi. The murti of Shri Rama is 4′ high. All the murtis were obtained from JAK’s Art Corporation of Bombay, India in 1994.

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