Welcome to the Bharatiya Temple Of Lansing

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Welcome to the Bharatiya Temple Of Lansing

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Temple Management


Meena Sharma


Pradeep Kumar

Vice Chairperson & Treasurer
(517) 290-7473


Mrs. Ruchi Madan


Mr. Ashim Agarwal


Mr. Chirag Vyas


Anjali Srivastava


Pallavi Rao


Umachandran Sivanesan


Kishor Mokashi

Committees and their Functions

Presently, the Board meets once a month to discuss all issues pertaining to the management of the Temple. Unless otherwise announced, the meetings are from 2:00 to 4:00 PM after the first Sunday pooja, each month. The meetings are open to the public. The activities of the Temple are carried out under the auspices of several Committees.

Religious and Special Events Committee

Organization of religious and special events in the temple

Finance Committee & Fundraising Committee

Membership records, budget and planning, audits ,other financial statements and Fund Raising activities

Puja Committee

All Puja events inside and outside temple

Out Reach Committee

Promote and Publicize Temple events & activities into community via different avenues

Facility Maintenance Committee

Temple maintenance and repair, temple rental, upkeep of the lawn, priest houses maintenance, and garden areas

Youth Committee

Balvihar classes, youth group classes & Activities etc

Priest Management Committee

Priest management, priest services, etc

Constitution / By-Laws Committee; Special Adhoc committee

To revise Temple constitution on yearly basis and present to board and AGM for approval