Board of Trustees

    1. Ramesh Devaram, Chairperson
    2. Meena Sharma, Vice-Chairperson
    3. Manasi Upadhye, Secretary
    4. Chandrashekar Rayannavar, Treasurer
    5. Narasimha Gundamraj, Trustee,
    6. Pradeep Kumar, Trustee
    7. Rampal Agrawal, Trustee
    8. Sapna Sood, Trustee
    9. Prashanti Boinapally, Trustee

Presently, the Board meets once a month to discuss all issues pertaining to the management of the Temple. Unless otherwise announced, the meetings are from 2:00 to 4:00 PM after the first Sunday pooja, each month. The meetings are open to the public.The activities of the Temple are carried out under the auspices of several Committees. The Committees and their functions are as follows.

    • Religious and Special Events Committee: Organization of religious and special events in the temple;
    • Facility Maintenance Committee: Temple maintenance and repair, temple rental, upkeep of the lawn, priest houses maintenance, and garden areas;
    • Finance Committee: Membership records, budget and planning, audits and other financial statements;
    • Fundraising Committee;
    • Temple Classes Committee: Balvihar classes, youth group classes, etc.;
    • Cultural Events Committee;
    • Priest Management Committee: Priest management, priest services, etc.;
    • Communication Committee;
    • Constitution/By-Laws Committee;
  • Kitchen Management Committee.