Temple Guidelines during the COVID-19 Pandemic:

  1. The Temple is open everyday starting February 1, 2021 . The  timings are –
    10 am to 12 pm &
    4.30 pm to 8.30 pm
  2.  Please bring your mask as Masks are required in entire Temple premises.
  3.  Prashad:
    Prashad of any kind (dry, cooked, fruits or flowers) should not be brought to the temple for offering. Also, Priests will not offer prashad or Charnamrit (Teertha )to the devotees. We kindly encourage monetary donations to our temple instead.
  4.  Internal Poojas(In temple)
    All essential items to perform the pooja will be provided by the temple.
  5. External poojas:
    Currently, our priests can perform extremely limited poojas outside the temple. (Namely: Bhumi puja, weddings, and last rites) As usual, all poojas can be performed by booking online, with several options. Please see the information on BTL website or by calling the priests.
    6. Please inform Ramesh Devaram ( Covid -19 safety charge) at 517 9749222, email, Rdevaram@yahoo.com if you test positive for Covid 19 within 14 days of visiting the temple. If unable to reach Ramesh Devaram, please inform Co-safety charge Meena Sharma at 517 927 3294 , sharmamt@aol.com.
    Please remember that the Temple is here for you and your family and we are trying to serve our community while following the guidelines and keeping the safety of our devotees and Respected Priests as our priority.
    Thank you.