Volunteering helps meet people and make new friends; it helps the temple increase and improve the services offered by the temple; and brings a feeling of satisfaction and inner peace in the individual.

“The best way to find yourself, is to lose yourself in the service of others”-Mahatma Gandhi

Most of the activities in the temple are carried out by the dedicated efforts of volunteers. The Puja, Maintenance, Temple Cleaning, Fund Raising, Accounting and Youth committees are some of the committees where volunteers are needed.

 To volunteer Temple Maintenance, contact

Mr. Ketan Patel, Trustee, (517) 410-7351, pratham_corp@yahoo.com

Mr. Ramesh Devaram, Trustee, (517) 974-9222, devaram@yahoo.com

 To volunteer Temple Cleaning, contact

Mrs. Sapna Sood , (517)-999-3172 ,  sapna2132@aol.com or

Dr. Ashok Gupta , (517)-332-6285 ,  drashokkgupta@gmail.com

To volunteer to help Puja Arrangements, contact

Mrs. Meena Sharma,  (517)-927-3294,  sharmat@aol.com or

Mr. Mathi Ramachandran, (517) 402-7493,  mathi_22201@yahoo.com

To volunteer to help Fund Raising, contact

Dr. Manoj Mohan,  (706) 814-1109,  mohanmanoj@me.com or

Mr. Mathi Ramachandran,  (517) 402-7493,  mathi_22201@yahoo.com

To volunteer to help Youth Group Activities, contact

Dr. NarasimhaGundamraj, (626) 422-2536,  gundamrajn@gmail.com or

Mr. DeveshPoddar,  (517) 410-6941,  deveshpoddar2@gmail.com

To volunteer to help Accounting and Data Entry, contact

Mr. Rajat Shah,  (517) 515-9690,  shah.rajat@comcast.net